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Name of Project: The Water Hyacinth

Duration: Continue

Kabena prioritizes using limited and most valuable resources: time and capital to increase life quality of people by decreasing poverty and preserving the beauty of nature. Kabena’s approach is to think global and act local, focusing on individual needs hence foster a diverse world that resonates well. In this way Kabena advocates for better rights for all marginalized communities in society.

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The way of implementing the Global Goals within an economic viable business is well illustrated by their endeavor at Lake Victoria, the biggest freshwater lake in Africa. The lake is badly infested by a highly destructive weed — water hyacinth — which basically depletes dissolved oxygen from the water body causing a cascade of life-threatening effects.

Approaching this problematic scenario by deeply understanding it’s origin first gave Kabena the clear vision and high certainty to convert this problem into a major opportunity. Eventually to achieve the goals desire the most today, like sustainability, circular economy, you name it. They rescue Lake Victoria from its infestation and take advantage of water hyacinth at the same time to develop these riparian communities in a green manner. By harvesting the weed and harnessing its energy-producing potential the company is able to convert it into a source of endless clean energy available 24/7, as well as organic fertilizer to bring back fertility to the eroded farmland to bring true impact to this region. This includes the contribution to each of all 17 SDGs.

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Marcel Wroblewski, Head of Communications & Nextgen at Kabena, stated in the interview with Visions for Europe, “the biggest challenge related to local communities in Lake Victoria’s vicinity was to be compliant to all 17 SDGs with PlantBlue — that is named Homa Bay Biogas for our first and foremost masterpiece. After we made the project economically viable, we thought about the real things in life which matter most and therefore took the most suitable measurement for such a diverse topic, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Each region that thinks and acts in line with the manner of PlantBlue can become a global leader for modern and sustainable infrastructure to achieve the Global Goals including net-zero in a much faster pace. The implementation of such a system enables strong partnerships to neighboring countries and increased competitiveness in global export markets.


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