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Sarin Fam Co. creating wonders in global mushroom industry!


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Sarin Fam Co. was established in 2007 and covers an area of 10,000 square meters and more than 2,500 square meters of production buildings, clean rooms, research department on edible and medicinal mushroom. It is the laboratory to produce spawn and mother culture with a team of researchers in the fields of agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, and bio resonance.


The company’s initiative to achieve the second goal of sustainable development and zero hunger is the use of mushrooms. Although mushrooms can help them achieve the 17 goals of the UN SDG, given the importance of zero hunger, they are most focused on this issue. Moreover, the company has turned to the production of more agricultural and livestock products to provide the food needed by human consumption and to produce more using a variety of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that pose many risks to human health.


Sarin Fam Co. introduced new initiatives and plans for sustainable development goals, in some cases, the plans can change the game or even shift the paradigm. Due to economic sanctions and problems with the exchange of goods and money, the company had to face export restrictions for accessing their products by other communities. Another challenge was the significant difference in prices and costs of production and services in different communities, along with cumbersome administrative rules and regulations, especially in the export sector.


The idea and goal of the company is to turn everything, all the agricultural waste, into useful products. In countries with big agricultural industries, agricultural waste is one of the main problems, and with the production of phase 3 substrate, this waste can be used as raw material in mushroom production and create significant added value. The horizon of the mushroom industry in the world is very wide and exciting, and Sarin Fam Co. creates innovations and new ideas every day during its 20 years of activity, and they anticipate that in the coming years, the mushroom industry will create a great change in various industries.

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