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Urban Crop Solutions landed on indoor farming as the next agricultural revolution

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Urban Crop Solutions is an end-to-end indoor farming solutions provider, supporting clients with contract research trials, business planning, as well as the engineering and construction of indoor farms. Their award-winning indoor farming solutions can be commissioned and scaled anywhere in the world, from remote islands to crowded metropoles.

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To make the world a better place for all those that live on it is the foremost mission of Urban Crop Solutions. They achieve this mission by integrating indoor vertical farming into supply chains. Indoor farming itself contributes directly to several of the SDGs – of which include but are not limited to SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing, SDG 12: Responsible Consumption & Production, and SDG 15: Life on Land.

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The company now works with key stakeholders in both SMEs and larger corporations to improve their sustainable practices. And as well within several research consortiums with the ultimate goal of making agriculture more circular, and thus, the cities and communities more sustainable.

Through the indoor vertical farming technology alone, Urban Crop Solutions focuses on several SDGs by optimizing the nutritional value of plants, reducing the water consumption per kilo by 95% compared with traditional agriculture and installing technology close to the point of consumption or utilization, depending on the plant application.


When delivering a solution like Urban Crop Solutions, it is imperative to always keep in mind local differences, even if addressing global challenges. As the challenges will vary based on geographic location.

In addition, Urban Crop Solution is well aware that if financial sustainability cannot be achieved, no impact can be generated. The company has, therefore, always prioritized sustainable design in technology, while focusing R&D on maximizing useable outputs and generating inputs.

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In 2020, the company upgraded and went-to-market with its 2nd generation ModuleX plant factory. A scalable solution, with a patented rotating bench carousel to increase efficiency and maximize return on investment, so that clients can grow and scale-up as the market grows.

As the technology matures and adoption of technology increases in the company, Urban Crop Solutions has started to benefit from the economies of scale. This results in higher return-on-investments for clientele and a growing addressable market.

Urban Crop Solutions believes that in-depth collaboration with various stakeholders across the market is the only way to achieve long-lasting success.


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