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Hyperganic is the leading company in the field of A.I.-driven design and engineering for the future of manufacturing.

The world of manufacturing is changing. It will move from traditional heavy industries and mass-produced parts to smart A.I.-based solutions that are highly customized. The resulting products, which can look radically different, are then produced in Digital Factories with industrial 3D printers at their heart.

With this paradigm shift comes a new challenge: How do we design these objects that can be orders of magnitudes more sophisticated?

Hyperganic’s software technology uses Artificial Intelligence for engineering. Algorithms grow things by fusing tiny particles in space, just like Nature does. Through A.I. engineering, innovation happens faster and in bigger leaps.

Their technology platform creates extremely sophisticated physical parts through a process of digital evolution. The resulting products are then mass produced in fully automated factories. This new type of digital production enables a fundamental change in manufacturing capabilityand  fosters global collaboration through digital supply chains.

Hyperganic is working with the leading companies all over the world, including Europe, China, Southeast Asia and the United States, in the fields of aerospace, consumer goods, the medical field and many others.

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