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25 March – EU Tech Chamber Environment Council – After Event

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The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Environment Council facilitated today an exciting webinar on the Circular Economy for 108 registrants. Many thanks to all attendees and special appreciation for the excellent contributions from all our presenters:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Hartwig
Overview of the current context of circular economy principles/guiding theories and global developments.

Melanie Salter (she/her)
Barriers stopping businesses adopting circular supply chains, and sticking to their current linear chains.

Alberto F. Minguela
Current practical steps to take to establish a circular economy within a business – using boot-camp methodology.

Edita Adamcikova
How waste management has evolved to capture circular economy opportunities.

Stay tuned for our Monthly Environment Webinars and weekly Working Group Meetings to help with specific matters. To be involved, you are invited to join the EU Tech Environment Council group page for easy notification of these opportunities:

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