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Plastic Pollution Crisis

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Humanity dumps its own combined weight in plastics annually into ecosystems. That’s 300 million tonnes every year choking waterways and seas, clogging streets, harming wildlife and, ultimately, doing serious damage to public health.

Smart new technologies can play a vital role in addressing plastic pollution crisis in our waters. A new study by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) offers a number of technological solutions aimed at tackling one of the world’s most pressing issues. Among these potential technologies include:

  • Introducing debris-cleanup boats, debris sweepers and sea-bins to remove plastics and other wastes carried into water bodies;

  • Protecting large bodies of water by introducing wetlands along coastlines;

  • Secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment which relies on membrane filtration to prevent microplastics entering rivers and lakes;

  • Advanced coagulation technology to make water contaminated with microplastics drinkable;

  • Promoting sustainable waste management practices to reduce plastic leakage.

The world needs to ramp up actions to curb plastic pollution, let us be part of it.

Source: UN Environment Programme

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